Rules and Terms

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These rules are designed for fair recognition at exhibits where everyone should be a “good neighbor”.  The exhibitor application is accessible following these rules.

  1. Arrangement of Exhibits
    All exhibits must be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or hide other exhibits. Backgrounds (including signs) must be no more than 8’ in height.
  1. Location/Layout of Exhibits
    At all times, Exhibit Management reserves the right to alter the location and/or layout of the exhibits in the best interests of the overall exhibition and meeting.
  1. Occupancy of Booths
    Booths should be open and staffed during the advertised exhibit hours. We recommend a minimum of two people to staff your booth at all times.
  1. General Conduct of Exhibitors
    All materials and activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit booth(s) and may not impede traffic or interfere with other exhibits. All of the following practices are expressly prohibited: the promotion of products or services other than the exhibitor’s, unauthorized use of booth space by anyone other than the approved exhibitor, excessive noise that would interfere with other exhibitors, the storage or use of flammable or explosive materials (or any substance prohibited by local laws or insurance carriers), the soliciting of participation in surveys or any other harassment of attendees and, the solicitation of business by anyone other than the representatives of exhibitors.
  1. Equipment/Supplies
    Exhibitors are expected to provide any equipment/supplies needed for your booth, unless agreed upon by Exhibit Management. You are solely responsible for addressing any safety concerns related to your activities.
  1. Booth Format, Literature Distribution, and Sales
    Booths should be interactive, rather than simply informative, providing an activity or opportunity for attendees to watch or participate in related to your booth, while keeping in mind that the activity and handouts must align with the zero waste policies for the event (see #7 below). While not required, booths are encouraged to focus on our theme of environmental sustainability and healthy living. Distribution of promotional literature is discouraged to help reduce waste.
  1. Zero Waste Responsibilities
    ISLWE is designed around the idea of sustainability in order to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste. Implementing a Zero Waste policy goes beyond eliminating waste through recycling and reuse after it has been created. It focuses on restructuring the purchasing and distribution of items to reduce waste and avoid the impact we have on the environment. Your responsibility: help us reduce the trash sent to landfills. Below are some ways to ensure that your booth meets our zero waste requirements:
  • Instead of information hand-outs, or paper sign-up sheets, we suggest utilizing an electronic information source (i.e. website) and allowing people to sign-up for informative emails via an excel sheet or google doc. Google Drive-Forms is a great way to make a professional looking survey. Otherwise, a Microsoft Excel File can be used at the event. If you have paper handouts make sure they are double-sided, and “fast-printed” on recycled paper.
  • Seek to use materials that are Reusable, Recyclable and/or Compostable
  • Think about how to redesign your booth to avoid the generation of waste during and after the event (i.e. reusable table cloths, posters made out of recycled materials, etc.).
  • Avoid plastic bags or disposable materials. Absolutely no Styrofoam packaging—this is not recyclable anywhere in central Illinois.
  • If you do have giveaway items, we encourage items that are high-quality and useful to the consumer like reusable fabric bags. Absolutely no balloons or other single-use giveaway items are permitted at the event.
  • We will provide access to recycling and composting on site, but we need your help to ensure that these materials end up in their correct containers. Confused about what is recyclable or compostable? Try out this Midwest Fiber website: For more information on complying with our zero waste practices, please contact Larissa Armstrong at the Ecology Action Center at (309) 454-3169 Ext. 15.
  1. Rejection & Penalties
    Exhibit Management reserves the right to refuse any applicant for exhibit space, as well as the right to restrict or evict any exhibit that, in the opinion of Exhibit Management, detracts from the general character of the exhibition. This reservation applies to displays, printed matter, promotional materials, noise, personal conduct, and method of operation. In the event of such restrictions or eviction, Exhibit Management will not be liable for any refunds or other exhibit expenses.
  1. Cancellations and Refunds
    All cancellations must be submitted in writing to [email protected].  If you withdraw your application after March 5, 2018, your fees cannot be refunded.
  1. Early Dismantling
    No exhibitor may dismantle any portion of their exhibit prior to the end of exhibit hours. This is a discourtesy to those attending the ISLWE and to your neighboring exhibitors. Dismantling or removing an exhibit or materials, including packing literature or products, before the official closing of the exhibit hall is prohibited. Anyone in violation of this rule will not be permitted to exhibit at future events.

Please indicate your agreement with the Rules and Terms to access the Exhibitor Application.




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