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We’re taking a break…

Dear Illinois Sustainable Living & Wellness Expo Exhibitors, Performers, Sponsors, Vendors, Instructors, Volunteers, and Attendees,

Thank you for your ongoing support for the Ecology Action Center and Illinois Wesleyan Wellness Program through your past participation in our annual Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo. Unfortunately, we are not offering the Illinois Sustainable Living & Wellness Expo in the Spring of 2019.

Due to declining event attendance and declining exhibitor registration, we are taking a year off to better assess our needs, and work on ways we might reinvigorate the Expo to make it new and exciting again.

If you would like to provide any feedback or suggestions for innovative new wellness and environmental sustainability-related topics or elements we could incorporate into potential future Expos please contact Larissa Armstrong at [email protected].

We will keep you all informed as our plans develop. Our apologies if you get this letter multiple times. We are sending it out through various channels to make sure we reach everyone.

Thank you again for your past participation in the Expo!


Larissa Armstrong
Assistant Director
Ecology Action Center

Jeremy Spencer
Wellness Program Director
Illinois Wesleyan University

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